Process Optimization

Process & Strategy

Constellation Healthcare Technologies has senior experts in all aspects of healthcare practice. These experts are organized in centers of excellence where they maintain libraries of industry best practices, world class processes and procedures, and state of the art technologies. Our process optimization service utilizes our expertise in each aspect of your practice to perform a comprehensive audit of your practice. Our experts analyze the results of the audit and provide you with a holistic plan for improving the bottom line of the practice. Our report compares each process with industry benchmarks and provides detailed suggestions for increasing process efficiency and reducing costs.

What does a health check cover? Everything!

Our process experts will provide you with multiple options to meet your specific practice needs. We understand that each medical specialty has unique business requirements and we work with you to ensure that the best practices for your specialty (ies) are incorporated into your processes. Our promise to you is that our experts only make suggestions that will result in increased profitability to you.

Constellation Healthcare Technologies provides focused services to help you maximize your bottom line. Our services are fully integrated to ensure that all of your needs are met in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

How am I doing compared to the best in MY business?
CHT Practice Assessment Service compares your processes, technology, and financial results to industry best practices and benchmark results and recommends detailed improvements for you to consider for implementation.

How do I implement these suggestions without impacting MY business?
CHT Project Implementation Service helps you develop an implementation strategy and clear cost estimate for each stage of the project. We assist you with negotiations for third party solutions, coordinate any external support that is required, provide highly skilled experts to guide you and actually deliver the finished solutions. Most importantly we work with your team to optimize all impacted processes so that your team understands and owns the new tools, technologies, and methods of performing their day to day duties. Our team also provides the quality assurance for the project to ensure each deliverable meets your expectations, for cost, quality, and performance. CHT experts will be with you from start to when you say the project is finished.

How do I ensure that I get the savings from MY investment?
CHT Practice Operations Support Service helps you develop the reports and metrics that you need to monitor and control your business. Our experts will help you to identify the areas that need on-going refinement, opportunities to increase savings by leveraging Business Process Outsourcing, and help you understand the factors that are negatively impacting the business, so that you can consider adopting additional world class processes, or you can work with us to create innovative new solutions to improve your bottom line.

How can I create a competitive advantage to differentiate MY practice from my competitors?
CHT has many years of experience developing innovative and creative solutions for the healthcare industry. We will work with you to develop a solution that will make the patient experience and/or the clinical results achieved by your practice a step above your competitors.


Constellation Healthcare Technologies provides medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. Our Services are designed to connect productivity with care by increasing usability, enhancing performance, and optimizing a solution's return on investment.