Revenue Cycle Management

Constellation Healthcare Technologies is one of the largest RCM providers in the United States giving us very broad, deep experience in the all revenue cycle functions including all aspects of billing, coding & compliance. We are strategically organized into nimble client focused teams that ensure every client gets the personalized service and attention that is expected from an agile in-house operation.


Connecting the Dots

Constellation Healthcare Technologies provides the infrastructure and integration services along with our proprietary Business Intelligence and Analytics Tools that automate and optimize practice management processes and allow you to pinpoint opportunities to improve quality and eliminate wasteful practices and spending.



Fast Tracking Your Claim Payments - If you are searching for a way to be paid quickly and completely your search is over. Putting our vast experience in filing claims for you will provide immediate benefit to your practice. Contact us today and find out how our experts can get you paid quicker.

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Productivity Assessment

Efficiency from Experience - Only by getting the most out of every tool can you deliver the care patients need with the efficiency the market demands. We are here to help you identify opportunities to optimize current functionality, enhance efficiency, & improve performance.

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Center Of

You understand patients need specialists. We understand doctors need them, too. At Constellation Healthcare Technologies we serve practices just like yours, we specialize in medical billing in vast variety of specialties. We know you work hard, we want to convert your hard work into revenue quickly.

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Constellation Healthcare Technologies provides a holistic, integrated suite of practice management support services to hospitals and medical practices across the United States.


Our mission is to work in partnership with our clients to lead the evolution of the Life Sciences & Health Care industry. Together, we help our clients bring innovations in patient care to life. We enable our clients to seamlessly access and integrate patient data, diagnostic data, lab and test data, and pharmacology data to improve the quality of care of their patients, while providing automated and optimized support and logistical support to create and sustain long-term, bottom-line success for our clients.